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Richard Sypniewski

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
License # LPC343

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Richard Sypniewski is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) now offering online virtual Teletherapy Counseling, anywhere in California, to help adults, working professionals, and adolescents needing assistance in coping with anxiety, stress, transition, trauma, and professional career life planning...

My mission is to collaborate with you to improve your overall mental health and whole quality of life through Integrative Healing oriented Counseling.

Richard Sypniewski is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) who has been a School Counselor since 2005. Previous to working as an LPCC, he worked at several schools and a local community college as Adjunct Faculty, Instructor, Community College Counselor, and teacher of Spanish at the secondary level. He has worked in a self-contained classroom with children experiencing emotional and behavioral disorders, including working as a Camp Counselor at an experiential learning summer camp called Camp Nuhop specializing in working with children with Learning Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorders and Behavioral Disorders. He has a wide range of life and educational experiences rooted in helping individuals, families, and couples from a variety of backgrounds and age demographics.He has a clinical interest in Narrative Therapy, which is an approach interested in how we tell stories of our lives and how this telling shapes who we are and how we become. He places great value in honoring and privileging an individual's personal story composed of lived experiences-memories, knowledge, skills, talents, ideas, morals, personal ethics, and beliefs. He uses an eclectic style of evidence based therapeutic techniques to help individuals resolve a variety of mental health and personal issues. 

Personal interests include Integrative Behavioral Health & Wellness centered in healthy nutritional eating promoting an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, which many are now saying makes us healthier in mind and body. In his free time, he enjoys one of the many culinary delights at a True Food Kitchen in various locations in Southern California. He also loves discussing topics related to Memory Retention, Lasting Memories & Creative Learning, Yoga, Pilates, Nutrition, Science, Arts, Music, and Traveling. He has an avid interest in learning about other cultures and has lived and studied abroad in Ecuador, South America.

Teaching and Groups
Richard Sypniewski has worked as adjunct faculty in California State University, San Bernardino's Educational Psychology & Narrative Therapy Centered Counseling Program teaching coursework specifically related to the LPCC Clinical License.

CAMFT- California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists 

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