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Coaching vs. Counseling

Coaching is often misconstrued as involving therapeutic aspects of counseling. However, while there are similarities to both, coaching and counseling both work to achieve one’s different goals but through different methods. Below, we have laid out what comprises coaching and counseling, highlighting their differences, similarities, and desired outcomes so you can learn more about each and decide which is the best for you!

Coaching- Coaching helps individuals unlock their true potential and work to create and accomplish various goals. Coaching may fit your needs if you are looking for someone to help guide you through the transitions of life or you need extra support in communication or time management skills. If you want individualized step-by-step guidance and support with college admissions and resume building as well as help with the transition to college life, coaching may be just what you need. Coaching is action-focused and empowers the client to think about what they want to achieve and how they can change their actions in a way that helps them attain their goals.

Counseling- Counseling helps individuals through self, relational, and emotional matters and provides management techniques. Counseling takes a deeper dive into one’s past experiences and traumas, focusing on working through the past to improve the present and future. Counseling also works to identify individuals’ recurring patterns and behaviors and helps them foster a deeper understanding of themself, how they interact with others and in different settings, and provides them with solution-focused management techniques.

Why should you choose life coaching/college consulting?

  • You feel mentally and emotionally well-adjusted
  • You want extra guidance in certain aspects of your life 
  • You have professional or collegiate goals you want help achieving
  • One-on-one individualized support

Why should you choose clinical counseling?

  • You feel you need help managing symptoms of depression or anxiety
  • You want to work through personal traumas
  • You want to uncover your personal and relational patterns
  • You desire extra support in increasing your self-awareness and increasing your self-acceptance and self-confidence

Cost & Payment

  • $125 per session 
  • Cash payment only, no insurance accepted 
  • Payment via Zelle or Venmo


  • To book a college consulting or life coaching virtual session with Natalia, please utilize the following link:

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